The Burnett Bulldog PTA proudly supports the parents, teachers,  & students who make up our wonderful, diverse, community.


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Upcoming Events

Your PTA cannot be successful without the help of YOU, the Parents, and the teachers that give their time in support of our activities.  There isn't an event that happens without the involvement of the teachers, whether that is as small as handing out the flyers, to helping with the coin drive and the hands-on-art projects to name a few.  

What We've Achieved

In this last year we've done many events and have many more planned.

  • Talent Show
  • Father / Daughter Dance
  • Mother / Son Activity Night
  • Hands-on-Art

We've also had many successful fundraisers thanks to all your generous support.

  • See's Candy
  • Book Fair
  • Coin Drive


We are a group of parents and teachers that come together to put on events to entertain and teach your children so they can have great memories from their school years.

Take Action

If you would like to be a part of our great organization and show your kids that you take an active role in their school experience, sign up to volunteer now!

We really hope you will take the time to join PTA and help shape the school year.