Hello Everyone!

This year's 5th grade yearbook is FREE for all 5th graders!

We are asking for a few things to make this yearbook great

Please email us any pictures you have from:

  • First day of school

  • School events

    • Suggestions are the Father/Daughter Dance and Mother/Son madness, Bulldog Best assemblies, etc.

  • Fundraising events

Email pics to burnettyearbook@gmail.com. Many thanks!!!!

Lastly, to help supplement the printing costs we are selling business ad , along with PERSONAL Dedication ad space for your children. For just $25 you can have a 2"x3" space to show a picture and text to advertise, or make the yearbook even more special for you child. See the flyer below for more information, or call/email Michelle Gonser at 310-710-6540/BurnettYearbook@gmail.com.