This year we have partnered with RightResponse First Aid and Survival Kits for our Spring Fundraiser.  Participate in this fantastic fundraiser and you will receive low cost, high quality kits that are vital for everyone. Half the proceeds go directly to Peter Burnett and the profits will be used to purchase a set of 32 Chromebooks and a charging cart so that our Bulldogs will have greater access to technology in their classrooms. The cost of this purchase is $9000. 

We need 100% participation to achieve our fundraising goals!

We will sell 9 kinds of general purpose kits (3 meet OSHA requirements and ANSI standards), and 6 Zip-Bags to treat common first aid needs. While each kit contains basic first aid for typical cuts and scrapes, they also include supplies tailored for specific situations.  Consider buying first aid kits for each of your cars, RV’s, kitchen, sports bag, diaper bags or pets.  Zip kits also make great gifts!  Each child should carry a portable zip bag in their school backpack, especially if they are riding bikes to school.  The simple catalog of products will make it easy to sell to family, friends and neighbors.

      Click on the image to open the RightResponse catalog and order form.

      Please write your student’s information on the order form immediately.  Additional order forms are in the office, or you may use a sheet of paper. 

      When you sell at least $150 of first aid kits, you may order any ONE additional kit at a 50% discount.  Please note this on your order form

      The class with the highest sales will win a pizza party.  The boy and girl with the highest sales in each grade level will each win lunch with Ms. Sullivan!

      Safety First. Children should be accompanied by an adult when collecting orders.

      Checks payable to: Peter Burnett PTA.  Write child’s name and room number on all checks. Order forms and money are due no later than Thursday, April 30th.

      Your first aid kits will arrive approximately 4 weeks after fundraiser ends.

 Questions?  Please contact:

Liza Somilleda,