Looking for the perfect gift to give your teacher or aide during Staff Appreciation week? 

 Many families like to express their appreciation and gratitude to the teachers and staff of our school by giving a gift during Staff Appreciation Week.  In an effort to make it convenient for families and at the same time provide teachers and staff with generous and meaningful gifts, we have created a voluntary gift participation program. 

How Do I Participate?

·       Fill out the Staff Appreciation Order Form by selecting the teacher(s) and staff you would like to recognize and note the amount of money you would like to contribute to each person.  For example:  You might give $5 to your child’s teacher, $3 to the speech teacher, and $2 for the teacher’s aide, for a total of $10. 

·       This is a perfect time to recognize staff that your child interacts with on a regular basis that you may not personally know such as cafeteria workers, custodial staff, office personnel, or the school nurse.  A gift of just $1 from each family can add up to a generous gift!

·       Turn in your Staff Appreciation Form and your check (made out to Burnett PTA) by Tuesday, April 28th. 

 What do the teachers and staff receive as a gift?

·       The funds collected go to the Teacher and Staff person in the form of a SCRIP gift certificate.  The SCRIP program provides gift cards from hundreds of vendors.  The teacher or staff can then pick which gift cards they want to receive.  The beauty of this program is they get to choose their gift(s)!!  The staff appreciates that they can choose based on what they currently would like or need.  By combining donations, we are able to provide teachers and staff with meaningful gifts.  Because PTA is able to purchase all of the gift cards at a discount, we also make money for our PTA funded programs at school.  For example, if we collect $100 for a teacher, they can choose gift cards totaling $100.  PTA is able to purchase the $100 gift cards at discounts ranging from 5%-15%, and keep the proceeds.

This program is a “Win Win.”  Families win by having a convenient way to participate in a group gift, the teachers and staff win as they can choose what they want and need, and the school benefits from the revenue created via the discounts.  The teacher or staff person will receive a SCRIP gift certificate for the total amount collected along with a card including the names of all participating families.  These gift certificates and cards will be given on the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week.  Questions?  Email Anne Tittle at annewtittle@gmail.com.

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